Home World Droped her IPHONE at almost 140 METERS of HEIGHT

Droped her IPHONE at almost 140 METERS of HEIGHT


The owner of the device was so surprised by the outcome that the video posted on her Facebook page.

Cansel Yildirim, a young woman who was at the top of a mechanical attraction in Orlando, Florida, wanted to record her experience with her iPhone 7 Plus, but it slipped from her hands and fell from about 140 meters high.

However, things did not turn out badly because, against all odds, the device was unharmed by the accident; He even continued recording and, after landing, managed to capture the attraction from a distance.
Cansel was so surprised with what happened that she posted the video on her Facebook page. He said that even though the phone was without its protective case, the damage was minimal, and thanked Apple for doing “as well” their iPhone. “It’s really a miracle that nothing has happened to my phone, since it did not break or break at all!” He wrote.


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