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Movies in which the actors really loved each other


Love is something wonderful, many wait for years and others come in the blink of an eye. We are all vulnerable to this great and sweet enigma, and the perfect thing about this feeling is that it does not make distinctions. These celebrities who fell for their traps are the real proof of that. According to the script, the hired killer and hate-men, Ricki (Jennifer Lopez), at one point loses her head for a charming boy named Larry (Ben Affleck). From that moment, the life of the girl changes completely. Did Jennifer know that, by accepting this role, she would totally fall in love with the handsome actor? We doubt it. However, it is a fact that, in the filming, a romantic relationship began between the actors.

In the film, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz played a rather extraordinary family couple. The hot Spanish temperament of movie characters literally sparkled with passion. But this artificial fire of emotions came from the depths of the soul, and dragged the actors into a romance, which became a secure family union in real life.

What we usually call chemistry, happened with the actors Ryan Phillippe and
Reese Witherspoon during the movie “Sex games”. So, the viewers not only saw the sincere feelings of the characters on the tape, but also those of the actors who gave them life.

“Diary of a seducer” was an important film in the fate of handsome Johnny Depp. Because he, like his character, lost his head for Amber Heard. After filming, the bachelor made a marriage proposal to the young actress, which at the time did not make Vanessa Paradis, a woman with whom Depp lived for 14 years.

In this film, handsome and womanizing Jude Law was not difficult to interpret the image of “Casanova.” He was able to easily interpret the love scenes with the actress Sienna Miller because, during filming, a lightning romance took place between the actors, which developed at the same pace as on the screen.

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