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Stereotypes about a healthy lifestyle that only cause damage


Healthy lifestyle is fashionable, and it’s a perfect trend. A balanced diet, physical activity and deep sleep make us stronger, healthier and happier. But in the wave of enthusiasm, stereotypes that disguise themselves under truths, but are harmful, are often taken into account. Check it on this list, and possibly tomorrow you will get rid of your unpleasant “ergonomic” chair, or diversify your diet with dishes prepared using a multicooker (electric appliance that allows you to cook a large amount of food) or microwaves.

If the wild species of salmon (red, silver and chum) really differ by the intensity of the color, then the richest in fats (ie, omega-3) is considerably paler. The trout will be a little brighter, but you will lose with the chum and the pink salmon. White veins are considered an advantage: they show that no dyes were added to the fish.

About color as a proof of freshness or “savagery” is not worth talking about: most of the salmon sold in supermarkets is raised on farms or is thawed, as freshly caught fish quickly decompose.

The ergonomic chair is advertised as a cure for diseases of the back, however, this is just a marketing move. It has been shown that this device, on the other hand, is capable of causing a deterioration in health. In addition, such furniture is too “sensitive” to the preference of planting and positioning.

The use tests of an ergonomic chair must be very long, thoughtful and attentive. If you do not have the possibility to thoroughly test this expensive purchase, it is better to give it up.

We do not discuss cases when special diets and enemas are designated by the doctor, as these are common practice. But the activity on your own and the excessive fervor in this matter are extremely harmful.

Studies have not confirmed the effectiveness of these traditional methods of detoxification: frequent enemas, special diets, fasts or juices. But its possible negative consequences are known: problems with the microflora, inflammation of the stomach, nausea, intoxication, and even liver and kidney failure. The consumption of fiber from fruits and vegetables is much more beneficial and safe.


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