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What things can cause a heart attack and how to avoid them


Research from Northwestern University shows that women, throughout their lives, have a greater risk of suffering a stroke compared to men, but are less likely to suffer a heart attack than they. For 45-year-old women with additional risk factors, the probability of suffering from any of these conditions is 4.1 percent, and the presence of two or more triggers increases that number to 30.7 percent. The causes can be different: from an emotional disorder to a cold climate or poor air quality.

Researchers from McMaster University analyzed data on 12 461 patients from 53 countries. The participants answered a questionnaire where they indicated if they had ever experienced an emotional disorder or a heavy load an hour before suffering a heart attack. Therefore, it was determined that the fundamental causes that can cause a heart attack are not associated with factors such as age, existence of bad habits, overweight, among others.

The author of the work, Andrew Smyth, noted that extremely emotional and physical burdens can increase blood pressure and heart rate frequency, changing the character of the bloodstream through the vessels and reducing the blood supply to the heart. As a result, blood flow can be blocked, which will cause a heart attack. Patients are advised to avoid stressful situations and not get too tired.

According to an Intermountain Health Care research in Salt Lake City, people face an increased risk of having a heart attack in those days when the air quality is lower than normal. Sixteen thousand patients were studied, who had suffered 3 different types of heart attacks, to determine which of them had a higher frequency on the days when the air was heavily contaminated.

As a result, a strong relationship between poor air quality and the most dangerous heart attack was detected. The researchers recommend spending a little more time outside the city, in nature, and, if possible, protect yourself from toxic gas emissions.

An investigation by the Karolinska Institute showed that divorce is linked to a greater extent with an increased risk of suffering a heart attack and subsequent relapses. In divorced patients, that danger is 18 percent higher than in those who remain in marriage.

The study’s author, Dr. Joel Ohm, also noted that single men or widowers are more likely to suffer a heart attack than women in the same situation. It is better to try to resolve conflicts along the path of peace and not to push the situation to the limits.

An analysis carried out by the University of Southern California showed that changes caused by pregnancy, including hormonal advances and increased blood volume throughout the body, can increase the risk of heart attack, both during delivery as in the 12 weeks after this.

Heart attacks during pregnancy, in general, are stronger and lead to a greater number of complications. More often, a standard treatment is not always possible, so an individual approach is necessary for each patient. Pregnant women are especially recommended to monitor the health of their heart and seek medical attention for the smallest discomforts they may perceive.

An investigation by the University of Sydney showed that the risk of suffering a heart attack is 8.5 times higher during the 2 hours after a strong attack of anger. Dr. Thomas Buckley, noted that the factors that cause them most often are: fights with family members (29 percent), with other people (42 percent), as well as irritation, frustration at work (14 per cent) and while driving (14 percent).

Anger and anxiety are linked to an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and a bleeding disorder, which ultimately leads to attacks. In such cases you can take tranquilizers to reduce the load on the heart, but everything must be measured.


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